Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) training

Around one in four adults drink at a level that could be harmful to their health. There is strong evidence that widespread screening and brief interventions can significantly reduce alcohol-related harm and admissions.

The Alcohol IBA training app has been designed to help all clinical staff identify patients drinking at risky levels and offer brief advice or refer dependent drinkers for more specialised care. The app includes:

  • a simple Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) 
  • an interactive alcohol unit game to help educate patients 
  • examples of how to offer brief advice – and how not to!
  • three case examples demonstrating the model in action
  • different advice strategies depending on whether the patent is motivated, contemplative or resistant to advice.

The Alcohol IBA training app was developed by the South East London Public Health Collaborative in collaboration with the Alcohol Academy. It is available on both Apple (ioS) and android smartphones and tablet devices. Simply click on 'Enrol' below to access the download links, or click 'View course' if you are returning to access them again.