Antimicrobial Stewardship

This accessible introduction to antimicrobial stewardship was created by Savvas Hadjiphilippou and Sarah-Elizabeth Odogwu while they were foundation doctors at King’s College Hospital, under the guidance of Dr. Dakshika Jeyaratnam, Consultant Medical Microbiologist and Antimicrobial Lead. 

Taking just eight minutes to view, the video provides an ideal overview for other junior doctors and medical students, and also offers a quick reminder for all nurses, pharmacists and clinicians involved in administering antimicrobials.

  • The video introduces the “Start Smart - Then Focus” approach to prescribing antibiotics, which is important to follow to improve patient outcomes and to help reduce antimicrobial resistance and the spread of superbug infections.
  • Two simulated phone conversations between a junior doctor and a microbiologist illustrate the importance of obtaining cultures and clinical evidence of a bacterial infection before prescribing an antibiotic.
  • The video also includes a demonstration of how to access local antimicrobial guidance.

This resource was recognised at the King's College Hospital Leadership Ceremony in 2013.

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