Barbara's Story

“An authentic, instructive and moving depiction of one person's interactions with healthcare, both in hospital and the community. A must-see for anyone interested in integrated care of the elderly.”
Bryn Williams, Senior Data Analyst and a non-clinical staff governor, Guy’s & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust  

A quarter of patients in UK hospitals have dementia, and the number is growing. Guy’s & St Thomas' commissioned Barbara’s Story in 2012 and have since filmed five more episodes.  The original film has been used to raise awareness of dementia with over 12,000 hospital and community staff and won the best internal communications category of the 2013 International Visual Communications Awards. More importantly, evaluation carried out by South Bank University found that Barbara’s Story made a lasting impression on staff and led to changes in how they do their jobs. 

“There has been incredible feedback from the film. It’s really touched everyone from porters to consultants. Ultimately we wanted every member of staff to feel confident and empowered to recognise and support our care for our most vulnerable patients.”
Elaine Sills, Chief Nurse, Guy’s & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust  

In this resource, all six episodes are available to view, supported by reflection notes. It also includes an overview of the impact the film had on staff at Guy’s and St. Thomas and advice on organising group screenings and discussions.  

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