Clinical Biochemistry and Chemical Pathology

This set of 15 lectures were created to help chemical pathology and metabolic medicine trainees and clinical scientists preparing for the Chemical Pathology FRCPath examinations. However, anyone with an interest in chemical pathology or laboratory techniques is also welcome to view them.

They are organised into three topics:

  1. Chemical Pathology of Disease: including liver fibrosis, porphyria, coronary syndromes, and digestive and metabolic disorders, and relevant genetics.
  2. Chemical Pathology Laboratory Techniques: including spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, immunoassays, HPLC, nephelometry, turbidmetry, and genetic techniques
  3. Quality Assurance: quality management and clinical governance

Each lecture lasts up to one hour, but many of them allow you to pause and return to the same place when you next log in, and can be easily searched or browsed to find the section you need.

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