Diabetes and Eye Screening

At least one in three patients with diabetes is likely to develop an eye disease. Screening programs are vital to identify those people most at risk of retinopathy and maculopathy before their symptoms develop, and when treatment is most effective.

This structured e-learning module takes just over an hour in total to complete, but does not need to be attempted in one go, as you can log out and back in again and re-start wherever you left off. Completion of the full module leads to a personalised certificate, or you are welcome to just use selected presentations and activities.

The material includes three self-paced presentations:

  1. The importance of eye-screening: introduces the two most common forms of eye disease in diabetes and offers advice on how to improve patients’ attendance of screening appointments (18 mins)
  2. The screening process: including how to interpret the reports received and communicate the findings to patients, including two short video examples on giving feedback (15 mins)
  3. Reducing Risk: covers the key risk factors for eye disease and how to help patients reduce them, as well as common treatment options (15 mins)

After working through the presentations, there is a quick quiz to consolidate your understanding, and a practice development questionnaire to help you identify practical improvements you could make.

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