Introduction to MRI Safety Awareness

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners are vital to help diagnose medical conditions and plan treatments. Although an MRI scan is a painless and safe procedure, hazards associated with these machines can lead to serious injury or even death if appropriate safety procedures are not followed. 

This e-learning module provides an introduction to MR safety and is designed for anyone who will require access to the MR department as part of their job role, but who will not require unsupervised access to the MRI scan room. This includes the following staff groups: porters, nurses, receptionists, visiting students/trainees, security, estates staff, crash team, and fire officers, amongst others.

Note: If you will need unsupervised access to the MRI scan room, you will need to attend face-to-face MR Authorised Worker training. To sign up for MR Authorised training, please contact the MRI department.

The module will take about fifteen minutes in total to complete, but does not need to be attempted in one go, as you can log out and back in again and re-start wherever you left off. The material includes:

  • A 15-minute e-learning course providing an introduction to MR safety
  • A questionnaire to complete regarding MR safety

This module was created by Dr. Sarah Peel and Sarah McElroy, with support from MR Physicists, MR Radiographers and Learning Technologists at King's Health Partners.

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