Involving Children in Clinical Research

Clinical research involving children is essential to increase our understanding of childhood conditions and improve healthcare for children. Yet professionals and parents often feel uneasy about asking children to take part in research, for example because of potential risks or burdens.

This collection of resources is based on a project conducted by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics that explored the ethical issues around involving children and young people in research. It includes the full recommendations from the project and the following:

  • A short animation and interactive magazine introduce the issues and can be used to prompt discussion with children and young people and their parents.
  • An e-learning module by The Global Health Network guides researchers and members of ethics committees through the ethical challenges of carrying out research with children and young people. (45-60 mins)
  • A flexible workshop plan can be used to structure discussion for staff or student groups. Accompanying resources include presentation slides, a short film and discussion prompts.
  • Filmed highlights of children and young people’s views about clinical research with children, and how it is reviewed or approved.

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