Maudsley Care Pathways for Older Adults

This online tool describes the journey a person will take once a diagnosis has been made of dementia, anxiety, depression, personality disorder or psychosis. It provides information on the referral process and assessments, and the treatment and support services available to them, based on the type and severity of their condition.

The tool is hosted on an open site and can be recommended directly to the majority of service users and their family or carers, unless they present with complex or unique needs. Users simply select their diagnosis and access information about the services available to them, which may range from community support, self-management approaches, and drug or psychotherapy treatments, to occupational therapy, carer support, nursing care, and in-patient options.

The care pathways outlined in this tool were written and agreed by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, psychologists, doctors and service users at South London and the Maudsley. The pathways are underpinned by high quality research and agreed best practice standards that are measurable at each stage of the patient journey.

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