Planning and Conducting Research - The Basics

This presentation provides an overview of how to plan and conduct a piece of research, explaining the following key steps in any research project:

  • Formulating a research question
  • Designing a study that will address the research question
  • Deciding on the source of data to analyse
  • Publishing the results.

Alexis Cullen draws this advice from the Research Methods module she teaches on the Institute of Psychiatry’s Forensic Mental Health MSc program. She particularly considers cross-sectional, case-control, cohort and intervention study designs, making this resource highly relevant to anyone planning epidemiological research into the causes of diseases. However, this will also be a valuable introduction for any students or clinical staff considering undertaking research.

The presentation lasts 25 minutes in total, but is organised into short topics and a transcript is provided, so that you can easily locate and return to advice on specific aspects of your research project.

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