Learning Materials

The Learning Hub has a number of e-learning modules, courses, videos and self-assessments available which focus on a range of specialist clinical areas. Recently added learning materials appear at the top of this list, or you can search using the keyword and filter options.

Most of the learning materials are open to all registered users of the Learning Hub – please use the links above to register or log in to the site, then enrol yourself to view any material that interests you.

Clinical Teaching in Mental Health

Videos and guidelines to help clinical staff working with students on mental health placements.

Barbara's Story

This award-winning set of short films shows the challenges a fictional patient with dementia faces, and has helped hospital and community health care staff recognise and support people with dementia.

Understanding Dementia

This short course provides an introduction to dementia – explaining the typical symptoms people with dementia experience and how to provide care in a way that meets their needs.

Maudsley Care Pathways for Older Adults

This online tool provides information on the interventions and treatments available for older adults with mental health conditions. It maps out the care pathways for dementia, anxiety, depression, personality disorder and psychosis, based on the type and severity of the condition.

Working with People with Non-Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia

This course focuses on the psychological and behavioural symptoms of dementia: why they occur, and the difficulties they create. It explains how person-centred approaches can help caregivers asses and manage challenging behaviours, and improve the experience of people living with dementia.