Learning Materials

The Learning Hub has a number of e-learning modules, courses, videos and self-assessments available which focus on a range of specialist clinical areas. Recently added learning materials appear at the top of this list, or you can search using the keyword and filter options.

Most of the learning materials are open to all registered users of the Learning Hub – please use the links above to register or log in to the site, then enrol yourself to view any material that interests you.

Finding Evidence

This course will help you find the evidence you need to support your work, education and/or research. It will assist in carrying out a literature search to inform patient care or service development, update guidelines or policies, support assignments or professional development and inform research.

Meningitis in Infants

This e-learning course, developed by the Meningitis Research Foundation, is designed to help clinicians improve their ability to assess and manage young infants with possible bacterial meningitis.

Introduction to MRI Safety Awareness

This module provides an introduction to MR safety. It is aimed at anyone who will require access to the MR department as part of their job role, but who will not require unsupervised access to the MRI scan room.

Enquiries about Medicine Safety during Pregnancy

This interactive scenario provides practice for junior pharmacists in responding to enquiries about the safety of medicines during pregnancy.

Motivational Interviewing

An introduction to effective techniques to help patients make changes to their lifestyle and behaviour to improve their health.