Learning Materials

The Learning Hub has a number of e-learning modules, courses, videos and self-assessments available which focus on a range of specialist clinical areas. Recently added learning materials appear at the top of this list, or you can search using the keyword and filter options.

Most of the learning materials are open to all registered users of the Learning Hub – please use the links above to register or log in to the site, then enrol yourself to view any material that interests you.

Fight the Fads - Nutrition Advice

Evidence-based science about nutrition, diets and health to debunk the latest nutritional myths and fads.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

Workbooks and other resources to support staff who are training to care for patients undergoing ECMO. Anyone interested in learning more about ECMO is also welcome to explore the resources.

Advanced Pathophysiology for Critical Care Nursing

Self-test workbooks and reading recommendations to help improve knowledge of the major physiological systems. Designed for experienced nurses working with critical care patients, and also useful to staff or students who want to revise and extend their understanding of pathophysiology.

Realising Your Potential

A range of inspirational speakers share their personal stories and professional wisdom on how to achieve career goals as an individual, or help others develop their full potential within a diverse team or more widely across your organisation.

Haematology Case of the Week

A series of clinical case presentations and seminars. Participate in the live webinar on Friday mornings or view previous case presentations.