Learning Materials

The Learning Hub has a number of e-learning modules, courses, videos and self-assessments available which focus on a range of specialist clinical areas. Recently added learning materials appear at the top of this list, or you can search using the keyword and filter options.

Most of the learning materials are open to all registered users of the Learning Hub – please use the links above to register or log in to the site, then enrol yourself to view any material that interests you.

Languages for Healthcare Professionals

This taster unit covers how to introduce yourself and other medical professionals in Spanish. Further specialist language courses for medics are available in Spanish, French and Italian at King’s College London.

Anatomy and Physiology Revision

A variety of self-test quizzes and workbooks to aid revision of anatomy and physiology. They cover the respiratory, cardiovascular and renal systems, neurology, metabolism, and sepsis at basic and advanced levels.

Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) training

This app is an interactive training tool to help practitioners identify those patients and clients who are drinking at a risky level, and offer them brief advice to help them consider their drinking.

Protecting Confidential Information

This interactive resource provides practical advice on how to store confidential information safely and responsibly.

Giving Very Brief Advice on Stopping Smoking

All patients who smoke could benefit from receiving support from their local Stop Smoking Service. This quick introduction to the National Referral System explains how to use any patient contact as an opportunity to offer very brief advice and suggest a referral.