Personality Disorders: London Pathways Partnership


People with personality disorders (PD) have persistent difficulties managing their emotions and relationships with others. This set of resources has been created to help practitioners recognise the symptoms of PD and manage difficult behaviour, such as aggression, self-harm and paranoia. It also explains how many people with PD end up committing criminal offences and what services and treatments are available to them within custody and the community:

  • Personality Disorder Guidance: causes, diagnosis and assessment of PD, treatment pathways for offenders in custody and the community, and how to promote staff resilience.
  • Managing Difficult Behaviour: practical guidance and tips for different types of PD, including how to manage aggression, demanding behaviour, poor engagement, self-harm, and suspiciousness and paranoia.
  • Service Locator to find local health, criminal justice and third sector agencies that can support in the assessment, treatment and management of people with PD.
  • Downloads including recent research and policy updates, worksheets, audio clips, and further information about local services and training opportunities.
  • Service user forum. This moderated forum provides a platform for service users to engage and collaborate with each other anonymously, and provide feedback on LPP and Pathway services.