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Cardiac CT eLearning - Part A
Learn how to use cardiac CT to help you diagnose and manage patients with heart conditions.
Challenging Behaviour in Acquired Brain Injury
The course will provide an overview of challenging behaviour in the context of brain injury.
COVID Recovery Puzzle
This course is for anyone involved in health care who would like to help themselves and others after COVID.
Functional  Neurological Disorders (FND)
This course looks at Functional neurological disorder (FND), both in outpatient and acute settings...
Health Inequalities in Kidney Care 
Introduction to the concept of health inequalities and health inequity.
Kidney Supportive Care and Advanced Care Planning
This course is to provide staff with an understanding of kidney supportive care and advanced care planning.
Machine Learning for Health Research
Harness the potential of machine learning within the medical and health research domains
NGS on the Galaxy Platform
The aim of this course is designed for students without experience that want to process and analyse NGS data.
This NGS: ATAC-seq course will give you an understanding of how to analyse and visualise ATAC-seq data.
NGS: Introduction and pre-processing pipeline
Welcome to our Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) course where you will gain a understanding of how NGS work.
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Interpretation
This course describes the two main types of spectral domain OCT scanners used most frequently...
Population Health and Equity webinar series: Sharing experience and progress between Central Denmark Region and South East London
The series will focus on issues related to respiratory health including interventions.....
Prediction Modelling for Health Research.
A practical introduction on how to approach Prediction Modelling in medicine and the health sciences.
Radiology in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
This course will cover use of radiological images in inflammatory bowel disease.
Sequence alignment and BLAST
Analyse biological sequences and explore applications in fields like genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics
Sustainability in Quality Improvement
This module will introduce you to the topic of sustainable healthcare and its relevance to all health workers
Understanding Dementia
This course provides an introduction to dementia – explaining the typical symptoms people with dementia...

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