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Introduction to Radiology
This module explains how X-rays are created, how to assess the quality of an X-ray film and recognise...
Journey of the Full Blood Count (FBC)
The emphasis of the module will be on the journey of the FBC from the patient to the lab to the clinician.
Life Lines
The Life Lines project is connecting families who have loved ones in isolation with COVID19
Management of acute neurological conditions
Management of acute neurological conditions inc, neuromuscular respiratory failure. More to come.
Maternity Escalation
View case studies on maternity related patients and topics.
Maudsley Care Pathways for Older Adults
This online tool provides information on the interventions and treatments available for older adults...
Medicines Adherence: Level 1 Adherence Training
This course highlights the negative impact of non-adherence and introduces ways to identify and overcome...
A collection of lectures, describing the key metabolic pathways by which cells break down glucose and...
Mind and Body Healthcare: Addressing mental and physical health needs
This interactive module explains how physical and mental health commonly influence each other, and helps...
Motivational Interviewing
An introduction to effective techniques to help patients make changes to their lifestyle and behaviour...
Neonatal Transport: a practical approach
This module provides some practical advice on transferring a baby in a non-emergency setting...
Personality Disorders: London Pathways Partnership
This resource and accompanying mobile app offer information on working with people with personality...
Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood after Childhood Sexual Abuse
This resource will help women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse (CSA) to prepare for pregnancy...
Primary Care Webinar Series
Video presentations from the KHP Primary Care Webinar Series.
Quick look guides for staff now working in a critical care setting
Short printable guides for redeployed non-critical care staff
Raised intracranial pressure
An interactive tutorial that uses realistic case studies to introduce you to raised intracranial pressure...
RBH-KHP Partnership Course
A day of virtual webinars where RBH-KHP academics and clinicians shared their learning, research and expertise
Realising Your Potential
A range of inspirational speakers share their personal stories and professional wisdom on how to achieve...
Recovery and Older People with Mental Health Problems
This course explores what ‘personal recovery’ means for older people with mental health problems, including...
Resources for General Practitioners
Medical experts present updates from their own clinical area with a focus on General Practitioners.
Simulation in Healthcare
An introduction to simulation for participants and faculty attending a simulation training course or...
Spinal Cord Pathways
An interactive tutorial on the spinal cord pathways that transmit sensory and motor information to and...
Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment
This module provides standards for student supervision so you can support your learners
Stroke and the Vascular Anatomy of the Brain
An interactive tutorial that uses realistic case studies to introduce you to stroke...
Surgical Academy Workshops
King’s Health Partners’ Surgical Academy bring surgeons across KHP together to push for surgical excellence.
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) Administration & Patient Care taster module
Teaching Behaviour Change
This interactive module helps health care practitioners consolidate their motivational interviewing skills...
The Resilience Challenge: Adapting Safely in Healthcare
This quick interactive game explores how frontline staff handle common pressures safely at work...