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Realising Your Potential
A range of inspirational speakers share their personal stories and professional wisdom on how to achieve...
Recovery and Older People with Mental Health Problems
This course explores what ‘personal recovery’ means for older people with mental health problems, including...
Simulation in Healthcare
An introduction to simulation for participants and faculty attending a simulation training course or...
Spinal Cord Pathways
An interactive tutorial on the spinal cord pathways that transmit sensory and motor information to and...
Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment
This module provides standards for student supervision so you can support your learners
Stroke and the Vascular Anatomy of the Brain
An interactive tutorial that uses realistic case studies to introduce you to stroke...
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) Administration & Patient Care taster module
Teaching Behaviour Change
This interactive module helps health care practitioners consolidate their motivational interviewing skills...
The Resilience Challenge: Adapting Safely in Healthcare
This quick interactive game explores how frontline staff handle common pressures safely at work...
ThinkGlucose: Inpatient Care for People with Diabetes
This module introduces the ThinkGlucose toolkit, which is used to manage inpatients with diabetes at Guy’s...
Tissue Viability mobile app
This app provides an introduction to preventing and managing pressure ulcers (bed sores)...
Understanding and Prescribing Chemotherapy
Interactive modules for all health care professionals involved in prescribing chemotherapy or looking...
Understanding Dementia
This module provides an introduction to dementia – explaining the typical symptoms people with dementia...
Virtual Reality MRI App for Children
This app can be used by staff and parents to help prepare children for an MRI scan...
Working with People with Intellectual (Learning) Disabilities
People with intellectual disabilities often experience problems accessing healthcare services. This module...
Working with People with Non-Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia
This course focuses on the psychological and behavioural symptoms of dementia: why they occur, and the...