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Non-metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer
This course helps learners understand where nmCRPC fits into the prostate cancer landscape incl. treatments.
Oesophageal cancer
Oesophageal cancer is a poor prognosis disease with increasing incidence in the western world. This course...
Online group consultations for admin staff
for admin staff who prepare & co-ordinate online patient group pre-cancer treatment online consultations
Paediatric Simulation Training – Virtual Communication study days
Challenging communication scenarios in Paediatrics. FIRST COURSE DATE: 21st NOVEMBER.
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Peer Educator - Community Kidney Champions Training
This course aims to help you understand the nature and risk factors of chronic kidney disease
Physical Health Pharmacy Webinars
This webinar series is aimed at pharmacists and medical practictioners to help them meet the physical health..
Plasma Cell Disorders
A series of presentations on Plasma Cell Disorders
Post-operative care of patients following free flap reconstruction
The course is for healthcare professionals involved in caring for patients undergoing free flap reconstruction
Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood after Childhood Sexual Abuse
This resource will help women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse (CSA) to prepare for pregnancy...
Primary Care Course: Asthma COPD and Can patients have both?
Primary care update on diagnosis and management in planning care for patients with airways disease.
Primary Care Webinar Series
Video presentations from the KHP Primary Care Webinar Series.
Quick look guides for staff now working in a critical care setting
Short printable guides for redeployed non-critical care staff
Raised intracranial pressure
An interactive tutorial that uses realistic case studies to introduce you to raised intracranial pressure...
RBH KHP Paediatric Short Course: Innovations from the Pandemic
The inaugural RBH KHP Paediatric Respiratory Short Course on Innovations from the Pandemic
RBH-KHP Partnership Course
A day of virtual webinars where RBH-KHP academics and clinicians shared their learning, research and expertise
Realising Your Potential
A range of inspirational speakers share their personal stories and professional wisdom on how to achieve...
Reducing Health Inequalities with the Vital 5
The Tony Lynes Memorial Lecture 2019 by Prof John Moxham: Reducing Health Inequalities with the Vital 5
Renal Virology: Blood Borne Viruses
In this course you will learn more about blood borne viruses, the immune system, vaccines, and infection...
Resources for General Practitioners and Nurses
Medical experts present updates from their own clinical area with a focus on General Practitioners and Nurses.
Share and Learn: Mind and Body IMPARTS event series
Monthly sessions to bring departments using IMPARTS together, sharing experiences and reflecting on topics.
Simulation in Healthcare
An introduction to simulation for participants and faculty attending a simulation training course or...
Social prescribing for people with cancer
We explore how social prescribing can benefit both cancer patients and staff, what it involves & how it works
South East London Blood Pressure Workshop
This recorded workshop maps out the key issues around blood pressure in south east London.
Spinal Cord Pathways
An interactive tutorial on the spinal cord pathways that transmit sensory and motor information to and...
Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment
This module provides standards for student supervision so you can support your learners
Statistics with R
This course will provide practical examples of how to perform statistical tests using the R software.
Stroke and the Vascular Anatomy of the Brain
An interactive tutorial that uses realistic case studies to introduce you to stroke...
Supporting medication adherence: basic principles and practice
This course highlights the negative impact of non-adherence and introduces ways to identify and overcome...