Virtual Reality MRI App for Children

Having an MRI scan can be daunting for a child and some require a general anaesthetic to get through the scan. This app uses panoramic 360 degree videos to allow children to experience what a scan involves before the real thing takes place. When used in a headset, it provides an immersive experience of the process from arrival at reception through to an actual scan, including the loud noises they would hear.

“I was really worried before my first scan because I didn’t know what to expect, even though my dad explained, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like. I think that the app is really helpful as it shows you what to expect and it really feels like you are inside the machine.” 10-year-old patient

‘My MRI at King’s’ app was created by Johnathan Ashmore, MRI Physicist, King's College Hospital and Jerome Di Pietro, Learning Technologist, Virtual Campus and Technology Enhanced Learning Unit,  King’s College London, in collaboration with the Play Specialist Team who use it with children at King’s College Hospital. It can also be downloaded for free by parents to use with a child at home on a phone, tablet or virtual reality headset.

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