Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Nutrition, Obesity, Vision and Related Surgeries
Addressing Obesity in a Consultation
Through this course you will learn how to broach weight-loss sensitively and effectively with patients...
Artificial Nutrition
In this course, you will use a case study scenario to identify and discuss the key factors for consideration..
Diabetes and Eye Screening
This course explains the importance of eye-screening programs in diabetes and will help all healthcare...
Diabetes School Staff Study Days
This online training is designed to provide help and support for children and young people with diabetes.
Fight the Fads - Nutrition Advice
Evidence-based science about nutrition, diets and health to debunk the latest nutritional myths and...
A collection of lectures, describing the key metabolic pathways by which cells break down glucose and...
ThinkGlucose: Inpatient Care for People with Diabetes
This module introduces the ThinkGlucose toolkit, which is used to manage inpatients with diabetes at Guy’s...