Liver, Renal, Urology, Transplant, Gastro/GI Surgery
Advanced Dialysis Assistants Course
This course aims to prepare Health Care Assistants (HCA) for an advanced role within the haemodialysis setting
Basic Renal Nursing
This course aims to prepare and offer practitioners working in renal setting the foundation of nephrology...
Foundations in Renal Nursing
This course aims to prepare practitioners working in renal wards and haemodialysis for their role...
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours
A short course on Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
A short course on Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Oesophageal cancer
Oesophageal cancer is a poor prognosis disease with increasing incidence in the western world. This course...
Peer Educator - Community Kidney Champions Training
This course aims to help you understand the nature and risk factors of chronic kidney disease
Renal Virology: Blood Borne Viruses
In this course you will learn more about blood borne viruses, the immune system, vaccines, and infection...
UGI Surgical Anatomy
This module introduces surgery-focused anatomy of the Oesophagus, Gallbladder & Pancreas
Vascular Access Dislodgement
Venous needle dislodgement (VND) and CVC disconnection (CVCD) are underreported...