Working with People with Intellectual (Learning) Disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities are three times more likely than the general population to die for reasons that could have been prevented by good quality care (CIPOLD 2013) They experience poorer access to services and poorer health outcomes in general.

This collection of resources provides brief introductions to the key issues affecting the health care of people with intellectual disabilities. It then offers an interactive e-learning module to help staff gain a deeper understanding of what intellectual disabilities are, and ideas for how to adjust practice and communication to better support these patients and service users. Allow about 30 minutes to complete the module for a personalised certificate.

Also choose from:

  • A brief practice guide to providing good quality physical and mental health care (10 mins)
  • Short narrated video introductions on tips for healthcare, diagnostic overshadowing and integrating mind and body in practice  (3 mins each)
  • Experts’ video presentations on intellectual disabilities and health care inequalities (5 mins each)
  • Links to accessible leaflets and further practice tips

The resources were created by Karina Marshall-Tate and Dr Jean O’Hara, Estia Centre, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, with SLaM Learning Solutions and clinical experts from local community learning disabilities services. 

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