Working with People with Intellectual (Learning) Disabilities


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About the course:

People with intellectual disabilities are three times more likely than the general population to die for reasons that could have been prevented by good quality care (CIPOLD 2013). They experience poorer access to services and poorer health outcomes in general.

This course provides an introduction to the key issues affecting the health care of people with intellectual disabilities. It offers interactive ways to help you gain a deeper understanding of what intellectual disabilities are, and ideas for how to adjust practice and communication to better support these patients and service users.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Better understand what an intellectual disability is and how it affects individuals.
  • Gain insight into the difficulties people with intellectual disabilities may experience accessing health services.
  • Be better equipped to apply reasonable adjustments in the clinical setting, including hospital passports and Annual Health Checks.

About the authors:

Karina Marshall-Tate

Karina Marshall-Tate

Consultant Nurse | Learning Disabilities

Karina is the learning disability nurse consultant at SLaM. She is an experienced learning disability nurse who has worked across specialist inpatient and community services in south London for people with a learning disability and additional mental illness.

Karina’s areas of special interest are in the mental health needs of adults with learning disabilities and education and training to enhance clinical practice and workforce development. She led a two-year project scoping the education and training needs of clinicians in relation to learning disabilities and developing and delivering training initiatives such as eLearning, clinical simulation and skills-based conferences to enhance clinical practice and reduce health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities.

Jean O'Hara

Dr Jean O'Hara

Consultant Psychiatrist in Learning (Intellectual) Disabilities | South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Originally from Hong Kong, Dr O'Hara is passionate about improving quality of care and developing future generations of clinicians.

Her clinical and academic interests have focused on ethnicity and diversity, parents with learning disabilities, inequalities in healthcare and health outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, particularly those with learning disabilities and mental illness.

Course design:

Florin Ivan

Florin Ivan

Project Manager, Learning Hub | King's Health Partners

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