Understanding and Prescribing Chemotherapy


These interactive modules were created for all health care professionals involved in prescribing chemotherapy or looking after patients on those treatments.

They include accessible introductions to how different chemotherapeutic drugs work and how to manage their side effects, plus a bank of prescribing scenarios for doctors and pharmacists to practice clinical decision making:

  • Introduction to chemotherapy provides a brief background to cancer and how chemotherapeutic drugs target cells in different ways to control or cure cancer.
  • Targeted therapies focusses particularly on therapies that inhibit growth factor signalling pathways or the formation of new blood vessels.
  • Side effects and supportive therapies covers common side effects and emergencies, and how to treat and manage them.
  • Practical prescribing addresses the key factors to assess and monitor for initial prescriptions and ongoing treatment decisions.
  • Practical prescribing case studies: short clinical scenarios to practice decisionmaking and dose calculations.

The more advanced content is directly aligned to the curriculae for medical oncology, clinical oncology and haemotology for specialist trainees, and to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Cancer Care Curriculum and the BOPA competency framework for specialist oncology pharmacists.

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