Understanding Dementia


As dementia becomes increasingly common among older patients and service users, it’s important for all staff to have a basic understanding of the typical symptoms of dementia and how to meet the needs of people with dementia while providing treatment or support for other conditions.

This module was created for clinical support workers, but also offers a quick accessible introduction to dementia for any student or staff member. The material includes many case examples, self-test quizzes and reflective exercises.

The full course takes one to two hours to complete:

  • What is Dementia? Introduces the different types of dementia, and how it’s diagnosed.
  • Understanding the Symptoms: recognising and understanding both cognitive symptoms (related to thinking and memory) and non-cognitive symptoms (behavioural and emotional) of dementia, and delirium.
  • Caring for People with Dementia: how to provide care and manage challenging behaviours in a way that relates to people as whole individuals rather than focusing on the disease.

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