Introduction to Anxiety


While anxiety is a normal emotion, anxiety problems can cause people serious psychological distress and affect their physical health.

This module includes a 10-minute introduction to anxiety to help all health care staff recognise when anxiety may be a problem in a person's life, and suggest further assessment and support.

The additional modules below were created to help clinicians assess, diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of anxiety disorders, particularly those working in the community and IAPT services. However, all interested staff and students will find them an accessible introduction to anxiety. The modules use engaging animated examples to explain anxiety disorders and their treatment in cognitive behavioural terms, and provide lots of practice cases for assessment and formulation:

  • Assessing anxiety problems
  • Anxiety disorders and diagnoses
  • A cognitive behavioural understanding of anxiety
  • Introduction to cognitive behavioural treatments for anxiety

The full course takes about 1 hr 30 minutes to complete.

Cost: £0.00