Introduction to Practice-Based Teaching


Student placements in the community are a vital learning experience, and King’s College London’s medical students alone are supported by a network of over 600 teachers. This set of interactive modules was created to support GP tutors working with medical undergraduates and is structured around the typical questions and concerns of new tutors on the King’s Undergraduate Medical Education in the Community (KUMEC) programme. The theoretical and practical advice in Modules 2 and 3 will also be useful to any healthcare practitioner teaching students in a community setting.

  • Introduction to KUMEC – the role of GP tutors within the undergraduate medical curriculum at King’s College London (30 minutes)
  • Developing as a Teacher – introduces student-centred models of teaching and evidence-based teaching strategies, plus practical advice on structuring tutorials and dealing with common challenges. (30 minutes)
  • Planning Practice-Based Tutorials – tackles the logistical aspects of preparing for teaching students, including recruiting patients. (20 minutes)

Allow about 90 minutes to work through all three modules.

Cost: £0.00