Fight the Fads - Nutrition Advice


We are all exposed to many mixed messages about food and how to eat healthily, particularly if aiming to lose weight, and it can be hard to recognise when the advice given is unnecessarily restrictive or even harmful.

Three student dieticians at King’s College London established Fight the Fads to debunk the latest nutritional myths and fad diets. They share short videos and articles based on evidence-based science about nutrition, diets and health, answering questions such as:

  • How to stay healthy when you work long shifts
  • How to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day on a budget
  • Are sugar replacements healthier?
  • Why do some people avoid gluten?
  • Should you replace caffeine with detox tea?

Fight the Fads is an excellent source of information that can be used to inform your own eating choices or to support patients and service users who are interested in improving their diet.

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