Level 2: Mind and Body Awareness and Communication Skills - Children and Young People


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About the course:

The Mind & Body programme helps bridge the divide between mental and physical health in healthcare settings by providing you with the tools you need to ensure you look out for both patients’ mental and physical health.

An individual’s mental and physical health are inextricably linked and strongly connected to their social context. However, healthcare services are often focused on either physical or mental health needs and can lack awareness of the impact of the whole family and wider systems on the needs of children and young people.

This course is for practitioners working in health, social care, education, and aims to equip staff working with children, young people and families with the skills to manage the overlap of physical and psychological needs of patients as well as develop a better understanding of contextual factors that affect health outcomes.

Through this course you will be able to:

  • Develop your understanding of how mind and body interact, including the importance of understanding health in its broadest definition (physical, mental, social and contextual)
  • Improve your confidence and competence in managing challenging situations where physical, psychological and social needs overlap
  • Increase your understanding of how different services need to work together to support the health and wellbeing of children, young people, and their families.

The course is followed by a live masterclass session to put what you learned in practice through role-playing and didactic learning. For more information, please contact the Mind & Body team.

About the author:

Anto Ingrassia

Dr Anto Ingrassia

FRCPsych, MBBS (Hons), MSc, FHEA | Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer | King’s College London

Child and family team/Carelink team and Safeguarding lead doctor | Southwark CAMHS

Anto joined the Children and Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) because she was attracted by its ambitious aim to deliver better healthcare for children, young people and their families, and its unique set up as a mixture of researchers, clinicians and transformation managers. Having worked for over 20 years in multidisciplinary mental health teams, initially with adult patients and then with children and families, she can recall numerous examples of the separation between physical and mental health often occurring within our healthcare system.

Through her work at the CYPHP, her aim is to address this challenge by bringing mental health experience and expertise into its core multi professional clinical service. At its core, this aim is enshrined in Article 24 of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child,

“Children have the right to good quality health care – the best health care possible”.

Course design:

Florin Ivan

Florin Ivan

Project Manager, Learning Hub | King's Health Partners

Cost: £50.00