Innovation in Healthcare – an Introduction


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About the course:

This course is intended for anyone working in (or near) the healthcare sector, and who is (or will be) involved in changing it. It aims to convey basic terminology, show a few examples of innovation in a healthcare context, and describes the basics of innovation work.

Through this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain a basic understanding of innovation-terms/lingo.
  • Grasp the meaning of innovation in a healthcare context.

The following topics are included in the course:

  • Terminology and concepts of innovation
  • Examples of innovation in a healthcare context
  • The importance of the problem framing process and its impact on potential solutions
  • The importance of user involvement when identifying the needs that are to be addressed
  • Systematic idea-generation methodology
  • Prototyping methodology

This course is mandatory as a preparation for all innovation courses provided by the Healthcare Transformation Academy.

About the authors:

Anna Thies

Anna Thies

Anna Thies works at the Center for Innovation at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden where she is responsible for the hospital's internal innovation education provided to staff. Her background is in design with a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design). She was amongst the first Clinical Innovation Fellows in Sweden 2010 (based on the Stanford Biodesign program) hosted by the Karolinska Institute, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Stockholm Region. As a PhD student she researched how artistic design methodology can support the understanding of problems within the healthcare sector.

Åse Lundh-Gravenius

Åse Lundh Gravenius

Innovation Manager / Innovation Lawyer | Karolinska University Hospital

Åse Lundh Gravenius works at the Center for Innovation, Karolinska University Hospital’s centre for excellence when it comes to innovation management. Having worked with all aspects of IP law for most of her career, Åse puts those skills to use at Karolinska, identifying potential legal obstacles for innovation and tries to overcome the same. As Head of Implementation for the hospital’s own Innovation Management System she also spends a lot of time on making innovation management abilities scalable in large organisations.

Course design:

Florin Ivan

Florin Ivan

Project Manager, Learning Hub | King's Health Partners

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