High Value Care Ambassador

Intermediate level



Approximately 20 hours to complete


Blended self-paced online study and scheduled expert-led interactive sessions



About the course:

This is a case-based course. The aim is to increase knowledge about the theory and implementation of value based healthcare within healthcare by going into detail about successful clinical and disease examples and the organizational change that goes with it.

In this module you will explore:

  • The concept of VBHC
  • The importance of patient engagement
  • International availability and use of quality and outcome indicators (OECD perspective)


This module focuses on:

  • Clinical example: Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Disease example: Head and Neck Oncology, the dashboard
  • Case study: Breast cancer
  • Case study: Organizational transformation on value based healthcare
  • Health Outcomes Observatory: driving a brighter future in healthcare through patient-reported outcomes
  • How to conduct a Delphi Study


This includes live expert-led interactive sessions in which you will be able to ask all your questions to the experts who have been involved in the practical examples shown in the course

Course design:

Florin Ivan

Florin Ivan

Project Manager, Learning Hub | King's Health Partners

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