Introduction to R for Health Research


This module introduces you to the basics (and beyond) of the R statistical programming language, and gets you started working with it, in a health research context.You will benefit from having a background in basic statistical methods (e.g. probability distributions, hypothesis testing) and high school mathematics (e.g. basic calculus, basic linear algebra)

The main benefit from this course comes from working on the interactive quizzes and practicals, the benefit you will accrue from this course is immensely correlated with the amount of effort you put into the practical work

R is a really great programming language with a huge, international user base and it is free to use in a educational setting

The module topics are delivered over a series of interactive lecture videos and practical assignments using RStudio, and is completed with an online assessment exam for which a certificate (CPD accreditation pending) is awarded. As a rough guide, you should be able to complete this module within a total 20 hours of study

Cost: £0.00