Intermediate Python and Software Engineering


If you are looking to develop your Python skills and have already mastered the fundamentals this module is for you. Over this course you will develop more advanced skills in using Python and start to apply these skills in software engineering.

By the end of the training you will have the skills to be proficient at generating code, recording modifications and effective at optimising programmes for the best output.

This course is roughly 20 hours of learnings with video lectures, quizzes and hands-on practical programming examples for you to work through.

This course is for you if:

  • You have a foundational understanding of Python and wish to expand your skills.
  • Work in a health-related sector, be it clinical, administrative, or academic roles - this can be as a doctor, health data analyst, public health researcher, and beyond.
  • You appreciate a learning structure that adapts to your busy schedule.
  • You aim to become a proficient coder and apply good practice of your skills to working in health.

Basic working knowledge of Python is required.

Learning objectives of Intermediate Python

  • Critically discuss strategies for good scientific programming practice
  • Describe the use of scripting languages, data structures and functions
  • Analyse the performance of scientific code
  • Describe the use of version control and its role in both individual and team programming tasks
  • Describe how to prepare code for release as a software package, and how to control future releases and manage issues and developments
  • Apply knowledge of scientific programming for optimisation tasks.
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